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Early County Courthouse Renovations

Blakely, GA

This project consisted of exterior renovations to the 1904 historic county courthouse in Blakely, Georgia. The Courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The renovation work included exterior repair and painting of existing wood windows, doors, and architectural metalwork on the roof eaves, fascia, and dome.

Flint Community Bank

Albany, GA

As a new financial institution with a business plan based on building close customer relationships, management of Flint Community Bank wanted a building that didn't look or feel like a traditional bank.

The design of the bank takes many cues from traditional Southern Architecture and updates them with modern materials and techniques. The interior was designed to feel warm and welcoming, and to encourage interaction between customers, employees and officers.

Placed in among large live oaks, the building and its setting encourages customers to think of their bank as a friend and partner rather than as a cold financial institution.

Oakland Library, Lee County

Leesburg, GA

This project is a new main library and multi-purpose space for Lee County.  It includes a general collection, computer/reading area, media collection, children’s area,  administration and multi-purpose areas, as well as space for a future drive-thru coffee shop.  Furniture, fixtures, and equipment were also included in the contract.  

Dougherty County Public Library Northwest Branch

Albany, GA

This new 16,000 square foot public library branch opened fall of 2009. It is Albany’s first architectural project seeking LEED Certification. This responsible design effectively utilized an existing building shell and brought new life to a vacant building and lot. It incorporates energy efficient lighting and mechanical systems as well as interior finishes that were selected to minimize negative impact on indoor air quality. Key features of the design are an audio/video area, computer lab, general collection area, and children’s space. A coffee shop and display wall for community art were also incorporated to give more opportunity for public interaction.

Commercial & Public Sector

Public sector institutions and agencies by definition exist to serve citizens, and the structures that house them should be designed to further that goal.

SRJ-designed public buildings are on a human scale. The goal is to create an environment that helps the institutions they house serve their constituencies while never losing sight of the convenience of those who work there.

Our planning and design process always draws from the various parties involved, distilling their input down to the essentials that go into creating spaces that reflect their goals and allow them to best serve their public.