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Sylvester, GA

This project included a Master Plan, Lighting & Flooring Renovation. Phase 1: This project involved replacement of existing lighting with new energy efficeint indirect lighting within the public spaces. Phase 2: This project involved flooring replacement thoughout the building that included new resilient flooring and carpet.  This phase also included restroom renovations.

Commercial & Public Sector

Public sector institutions and agencies by definition exist to serve citizens, and the structures that house them should be designed to further that goal.

SRJ-designed public buildings are on a human scale. The goal is to create an environment that helps the institutions they house serve their constituencies while never losing sight of the convenience of those who work there.

Our planning and design process always draws from the various parties involved, distilling their input down to the essentials that go into creating spaces that reflect their goals and allow them to best serve their public.