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Albany, GA

Commodore Conyers College & Career (4C) Academy in Dougherty County opened August 2017.  The project is located in the old Southside Middle School originally built in 1962.   4C Academy is a partnership between the Dougherty County School System, Albany Technical College, Albany State University, and the Business Community.  Other school system partners include the Baker County School System, the Calhoun County School System, and the Terrell County School System.

This 104,148 square feet school was not only in need of an upgrade, but a complete redesign in function to meet the needs of a College & Career Academy.  The facility is designed to accommodate 14 pathways that will come from the following Career Clusters: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution/Logistics, Information Technology, Education, Film/Audio Video, Engineering, Business, Marketing, and Aviation. 

The 4C Academy is a unique learning environment.  The building and furniture support the school goals of an integrated curriculum, pathway and career exploration, hands-on instruction, social/professional skills training, mentoring, motivation, competition, interaction with local business and industry, and Move On When Ready (MOWR) courses.

Spaces were designed to be flexible to support different styles of teaching and learning.  Pathway classrooms offer transparency allowing students to connect with other pathways that they may not be directly involved with.  Different types of spaces are located throughout the school to encourage collaboration between students and teachers in different settings outside of the classroom.  Within classrooms, a variety of seating options are provided so that as students move throughout their day, their surroundings change providing a greater level of comfort.  Teachers have the ability to use the furnishings within the classrooms for both individual and group work with minimal transition effort.

The result is a welcoming, flexible, state-of-the-art learning facility.


Academic facilities present the architect with a unique challenge. 

Structures built for education must be extremely flexible due to the multiplicity of uses they require and the ever-changing nature of the profession. 

While they must be adaptable to changing technology, they must be inviting, accommodating and conducive to learning. In addition, they must be durable and designed for a long life span.

And almost always, these goals must be met on a limited budget. SRJ’s decades of experience in this challenging field enable us to deliver our clients exceptional facilities that fulfill their goals ... within their budget.