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Albany, GA

The Dougherty County School System needed to move three academic programs from other outdated facilities, to be consolidated and more centrally located within the system. The scope of this project was to fully renovate a 61,000 square foot, 1950’s phased out Elementary school, not only to house these three programs, but put them in a 21st century classroom environment. The renovation included all new finishes, technology windows, roofing, lighting, furniture and security. The shared kitchen/cafeteria was fully renovated with new equipment. Three new Administration areas were created, one for each program, along with new parking and access drives for each.


Academic facilities present the architect with a unique challenge. 

Structures built for education must be extremely flexible due to the multiplicity of uses they require and the ever-changing nature of the profession. 

While they must be adaptable to changing technology, they must be inviting, accommodating and conducive to learning. In addition, they must be durable and designed for a long life span.

And almost always, these goals must be met on a limited budget. SRJ’s decades of experience in this challenging field enable us to deliver our clients exceptional facilities that fulfill their goals ... within their budget.