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Jerger Elementary School

Thomasville, GA

Completed spring of 2009, the renovations and modifications of the existing elementary school include a new 21,000 square foot addition. The addition was designed to fit into the historic fabric of the neighborhood in Thomasville. A new parent pick-up canopy was designed to give the existing building a new identity in keeping with the addition.

The new building includes a new main entrance with administration area and 12 classrooms. Classrooms are for third, fourth and fifth grade. Every classroom is equipped with the latest technology, including interactive white boards.

Irwin County School System Stadium

Ocilla, GA

This new 3,000 seat football and track/field stadium opened in the fall of 2007. Restroom, concession and ticketing facilities along with a custom fieldhouse highlight this new home for the Irwin County Indians.

Irwin County School System Auditorium

Ocilla, GA

 This new 16,000 square foot auditorium opened spring of 2009. It features seating for up to 570 people, state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, theatrical lighting and sound systems. Spaces include dressing rooms, workshop, lobby and concessions.



Academic facilities present the architect with a unique challenge. 

Structures built for education must be extremely flexible due to the multiplicity of uses they require and the ever-changing nature of the profession. 

While they must be adaptable to changing technology, they must be inviting, accommodating and conducive to learning. In addition, they must be durable and designed for a long life span.

And almost always, these goals must be met on a limited budget. SRJ’s decades of experience in this challenging field enable us to deliver our clients exceptional facilities that fulfill their goals ... within their budget.