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Sylvester Housing Units

Sylvester, GA

These 45 apartments were nearly 50 years old when they were renovated comprehensively in 2005 to improve living conditions and to add modern features.

Cuthbert Housing Units

Cuthbert, GA

A 40 apartment new public housing development in Cuthbert, Georgia built in 1992. Each building is a duplex featuring vaulted ceilings in the living spaces.

Hampton South

Albany, GA

A multiple townhouse development in the South part of Albany, Georgia developed by the Department of Community and Economic Development for replacement housing as recovery from the flood of 1994.

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A multi-family facility should feel no less like "home" for its residents than any other freestanding or single-family dwelling. At the same time, multi-family facilities, out of necessity, must operate under different conditions and circumstances. For decades, our goal here at SRJ has been to create spaces that exhibit all the qualities and amenities of a comfortable home while taking every maintenance and economic factor into consideration.

Our multi-family facilities are designed to be comfortable while also withstanding abuse and neglect that can sometimes be characteristic of rentable spaces. We have completed hundreds of multi-family modernization projects and multiple new affordable housing developments. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our knowledge of the various challenges associated with multi-family projects.